Friday, July 17, 2009

17 July 2009

The weather is so hot today. Baby sweat alot and his singlet get so wet that I need to change his clothes twice. In the afternoon time we locked ourself in the bedroom with the aircon on. Really can't take the heat already.

He is so good at climbing. He actually can climb into his walker without any adults help. He just knows how to do it and he actually did it infront of me a few times. I was very impressed and worried at the same time, what if you know ... Anyway this is something that I need to tell my parents to take note too. (This action, no photos or video ... dare not move ... just incase)

Today we went to Bugis Junction for dinner. After the dinner, we went to Kinokuniya to take a look at books (realised that the shop is so small, I think I am just too used to the Takashimaya one) Anyway what I want to say it is no longer easy to bring him (Yan Zhong) out. He wanted to walk in the shops so we let him. But the thing is when he saw the books, he got so excited and started taking out books from shelf and putting on the floor. (which he actually did it at home with his books) But he is not supposed to and allowed to do those actions at outside so what we did was we carried him ... guess what he did ... he shouted very loudly ... so in the end we left the shop very fast before we need to pay for unwanted books. ^__^

After almost 3 weeks of taking care of him, I actually started to enjoy being a housewife and being a mother. I kind of know his sleeping, eating and many others issues pattern. I can try to work around those pattern so that we two can enjoy being together. Yes at the same time, I can also get things done. I was able to cook dinner this week (I did it 3 times somemore), Not bad right? Yes, I also went for grocery shopping with him twice (last week and this week) at Carrfour, Suntec. Haha he made me let him eat unpaid food. Last week, he refused to leave the bread corner till I took one packet. After taking the packet, he wanted to eat, so I have to feed him before paying. This week, I put a packet of Oreo biscuit in the trolley for myself. For some reason, he know that is something edible. He smile at me very sweetly and passed that packet to me. Guess what, I have to open it and gave it to him. He happily ate the biscuits in the trolley. Yes he at 3 pieces. I paid for both when i was at the cashier (hee.. never done this kind of things before ... guess its a good experience !?)

Yes, he also know how to kiss his mommy (that's me), and his daddy already. Haha .. but have to see his mood also. Not every request is going to be kissed wo .. depend on his mood too. If he doesn't want to ... he will say "No" and shake head and no matter how hard you tried, he will refuse to kiss. Never try on other people yet.

Those people who are wondering how come now I did not put up photos. ^__^ Pls give me some more time. I will put up asap.

Too bad I need to be back to work on Monday 20 July 2009.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

15 July 2009

Mommy has been staying at home with YanZhong for 2 weeks

1. Stick to mommy like super glue (mommy can't even go to washroom peacefully).
2. Getting naughtier ("cry" to get attention or get what he wants).
3. Daddy is totally a stranger to him already. He doesn't even want to be touched by him. (shaking head)
4. Even when sleeping, he makes sure that I am around (How right? He will open his eyes every now and then to check I am nearby. If he didn't see me, he will start to cry)

Mommy can't wait to see how his grandmother (mommy's mom) going to take care of him. (hee .. we (include dadday, uncle tommy and aunty liting) believe he is going to be in big big trouble as my mom is not going to let him do or get what he wants) ^__^

In conclusion, mommy is easy to be bullied.

I just can't help it as can't stand him crying

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bite (27 June 2009)

Daddy and mommy bitten by YanZhong. Its so pain.
First photo is daddy. Second one is mommy.
Daddy specically mentioned that I must mentioned that his one was bitten atleast 4 days ago.
For mommy, the red one was just bitten and the other one was yesterday or two days ago.
He must be teeting as he love to bite people or furnitures

Adventure ! ? (26 June 2009)

He is actually playing under the folded queen size mattress.

These videos were taken on days that he was sick but temperature under control through medication. The above is taken yesterday.

He is so cute and erengetic right? I don't know why he kept falling sick. His fever can go as high as 40 plus in the first few days. Atleast this 2 days his temperature is under control in the sense, the temp doesn't go above 39.

Can someone advice me what can I do so that he doesn't get sick so often.

Playing block with Aunty Liting (22 June 2009)

This is not done by mommy. Its done by Aunty Liting wo. ^__^

Sunday, June 21, 2009

21.06.2009 (video)

Having fun pushing the basket.

Photo taken on 21.06.2009

Very sweet smile right?

Photo taken on 07.06.2009

What did mommy do to me? ^__^ Mommy helping me to wear sarong? (Its his bedsheet)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


He was hospitalised on 29 May 2009 because of bronchitis.

Those who wants more information, please go to take a look.

Temperature went up to 40.2C and I thought termometer was spoilt so test again and again.

At the hospital the nurses poked his hand in order to put IV. On Saturday the doctor decided that since his temp kept going up best to put IV drip which will last for 24 hrs. Its really very long. In the end my son's hand was swollen (double his normal size) and harden so scary. After told the nurses they took out the IV drip and applied some medication to reduce the swell. It took 24 hrs to be back to normal condition again. Ofcourse the whole night he can't sleep well, I guess is due to the pain but we did not notice it till 6am plus. I was even playing with him at 2 am plus. (I think it was not swollen at that time).

I didn't take photos as I feel sad to see his hands being poked and another hand also being wrapped in order to ensure that he will not touch the hand that was poked.

He was discharged on 1 June 2009. Now every four hour he has to do "neptaliser" (really don't know how to spell).

Today, I stayed at home to be with him since I can't send him back to infant care (due to every four hour neptaliser). Sometime his temp does went up like last night (1 June 09)

Anyone of you who have any ideas on how to reduce phlem without medication, please let me know. I can give it a try.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love giraffe too.

Aunty Susie gave it to me one. Although not my brithday, she still gave me toys. Aunty Susie next time when you sees me can you don't take that many photos. Hee ... I scared of you as I only sees "red" light and "flashes" wo. ^__^ (Photos taken on 16.5.2009)

Unable to name

This who can name it please let me know. I just find the pictures very nice esp his expression on 1st and 3rd photos. You all agree with me right?

Eating durian

I love durian too.
Hazel “姐姐”我们还能做朋友对吗?Its really very nice. You can give it a try.

Playing with little basket ball

Using keyboard

I am good at keyboard too. ^__^

Using mouse

^__^ I also know how to use mouse wo.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why are you so sad?

He is very sad because mommy doesn't want to give him the remote control to play with.

Smile (5th month) ^__^

Yummy !? (5th month)

Very delicious!!!??? Definitely very flexible right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stretch (5th month)

Eating my favourite SoyBar

He loves it alot. Soybar company can consider looking for my son for advertisement. Looking at him eat the soybar make it more tastier. ^__^

4 April 2009 (In a box)

Busy bee (4th month)

25 April 2009

Went out for dinner with Uncle Lai Hong, Auntie Samantha and Liah after birthday's party.
Best not to mention the restaurant name as we are not going there again.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reading books (4th months)

Very hardworking right? Learning how to read books since 4 months old. ^__^

Sleeping in Sarong (4th month)

Only slept in sarong for 6 months or less than that due to the fact that I (mommy) doesn't know how to put baby into sarong or take out from sarong alone. I always need a second person to hold the sarong then I can put in or bring out the baby.

Although above photos look he is very comfortable and enjoying ... but as he gets older, he doesn't seem to enjoy it anymore. He tend to sleep in sarong for less than 30 mins so good reasons not to let him sleep there too right?

Just some thoughts

Baby now knows

1. When someone said "Hi! Five" - he will put up one of his hand and do the hi five action (By the way this action is taught by his uncle Tommy, long before 彥中 knows how to clab hand)

2. When someone said "clap hands", he will do the action too. Or when we said " good boy" or "clever" he will also clap his hands. Or when he feed himself or feed me (mommy) or his daddy he will also clab his hands.

3. Today he learnt to shake hands with me. Ofcourse after I said "shake hands", I have to do the action then he will then shake hand with me. (Quite fun teaching him new things)

As of now, he still not very interest in learning "bye bye" action. Quite alot of people tried to taught him this but as of now he still doesn't seem to know how to do it yet. Why?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Time Swimming (4th month)

First swimming (4 months old)

With my big cell phone (4th month)

This photos was taken while I was 4 months old.
Pooh bear clothes very cute also right?

Drinking water using straw (11 months)

Doesn't know how to suck yet so mommy helps me ^__^
Water seem to taste better too.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Follow up on 2 Apr 09 (Comb hair) (11 months)

Didn't actually capture the combing action (First 1 second can consider as combing).

Under the table (10 months)

He was crawling under the table to get what he wants (Remote control)


A busy weekend ... which just ... now Sunday night already.

1. He actually ate the book that I bought for him on Friday. (Hazel, it is the fingers puppet's book). He was eating like as if it is bread. Looks like the book is quite tasty. ^__^ Taken photos but is in my brother's camera ... have not upload. Will do that soon.

2. Baby 拉肚子. Why?I also don't know.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Comb hair

Today, he used my brush to comb his "hair" though very short now but still call hair right ^__^

Very cute. Tomorrow then I will upload the video and put it on the blog. Hopefully I really captured the action.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drinking milk on his own



For some reason, he didn't sleep at 8.00pm plus tonight.

Not only that he vomited twice too. As his daddy was in school, I ended up changing his clothes twice. (2nd time he dirtied his own bedsheet so have to take out the bedsheet to wash too)

Of course now he is sleeping happily on our bed as his bed is abit wet.

Finally he was asleep at 9.45pm. After that I started washing up all the clothes, milk bottles, containers, mop floor etc. Finally now I can sit down to do abit of blogging. oh yah still need to hang those washed clothes too. AhAhhhhhhhh never ending work.

By the way, I forgot to share that he knows how to feed me bread already also. ^__^

彥中會餵我吃麵包了。As for why no photos or video because his daddy not willing to take photos (too busy doing house work)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Little knight protecting uncle's room!

In Favourite Wardrobe

Having fun in daddy's wardrobe. Messing up daddy's ironed clothing is fun fun fun ...


Finally, started blogging.