Tuesday, June 2, 2009


He was hospitalised on 29 May 2009 because of bronchitis.

Those who wants more information, please go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bronchitis take a look.

Temperature went up to 40.2C and I thought termometer was spoilt so test again and again.

At the hospital the nurses poked his hand in order to put IV. On Saturday the doctor decided that since his temp kept going up best to put IV drip which will last for 24 hrs. Its really very long. In the end my son's hand was swollen (double his normal size) and harden so scary. After told the nurses they took out the IV drip and applied some medication to reduce the swell. It took 24 hrs to be back to normal condition again. Ofcourse the whole night he can't sleep well, I guess is due to the pain but we did not notice it till 6am plus. I was even playing with him at 2 am plus. (I think it was not swollen at that time).

I didn't take photos as I feel sad to see his hands being poked and another hand also being wrapped in order to ensure that he will not touch the hand that was poked.

He was discharged on 1 June 2009. Now every four hour he has to do "neptaliser" (really don't know how to spell).

Today, I stayed at home to be with him since I can't send him back to infant care (due to every four hour neptaliser). Sometime his temp does went up like last night (1 June 09)

Anyone of you who have any ideas on how to reduce phlem without medication, please let me know. I can give it a try.

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