Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drinking milk on his own



For some reason, he didn't sleep at 8.00pm plus tonight.

Not only that he vomited twice too. As his daddy was in school, I ended up changing his clothes twice. (2nd time he dirtied his own bedsheet so have to take out the bedsheet to wash too)

Of course now he is sleeping happily on our bed as his bed is abit wet.

Finally he was asleep at 9.45pm. After that I started washing up all the clothes, milk bottles, containers, mop floor etc. Finally now I can sit down to do abit of blogging. oh yah still need to hang those washed clothes too. AhAhhhhhhhh never ending work.

By the way, I forgot to share that he knows how to feed me bread already also. ^__^

彥中會餵我吃麵包了。As for why no photos or video because his daddy not willing to take photos (too busy doing house work)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Little knight protecting uncle's room!

In Favourite Wardrobe

Having fun in daddy's wardrobe. Messing up daddy's ironed clothing is fun fun fun ...


Finally, started blogging.