Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tioman Trip 7 (20 Sept 2009)

Last day at the beach. I enjoyed playing sand with my hand but I hate to step on sand without shoes.
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Tioman Trip 6 (19 Sept 2009)

At the village already.

Hen, rooster, and jackfruit - First time seeing them
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Tioman Trip 5 (19 Sept 2009)

While waiting for daddy to find out on how to get to the viallage...
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Tioman Trip 4 (19 Sept 2009)

Finally at the beach. Mommy and yi yi enjoyed playing at the beach but I hate stepping on the sand. Its so weird.
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Tioman Trip 3 (18 Sept 2009)

Dinner at chinese restaurant in the resort. I am so hungry see me eating the plate ^__^.
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Tioman Trip 2 (18 Sept 2009)

At the resort.
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Tioman trip 1 (18 Sept 2009)

Having fun with yi yi and mommy.
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Photo with nai nai on uncle Tommy and Aunty Liting's wedding (6 Dec 2009)

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*nai nai: Daddy's mommy

Doing housework!!!??? (5 Mar 2010)

Who said I only mess up the place, I also like to clean up. See how good I am at wiping the table. Its so clean. ^__^

Mopping !!?? (29 Jan 2010)

Mopping floor !!??

Its so fun playing with the mop but daddy will scold me whenever I touched it.

Photo with gong gong and favourite T shirt (1 Jan 2010)

This yellow T shirt is my favourite. Mommy also have the same one.
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Peekaboo & Crawling backward expert (31 Dec 2009)

We were at "Zhou's Kitchen, Novena" for daddy's bithday celebration.

Not too sure whether daddy enjoyed the celebration or not but I enjoyed playing at the restaurant.

Photo with Garfield (27 Nov 2009)

Photos taken after my haircut.
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Photo with Ronald McDonald (22 Nov 2009)

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Model pose (7 Nov 2009)

Handsome right?
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Photos on Mrt (24 Oct 2009)

The only way to stop me from moving and screaming on MRT at that time was to kept on taking photos with mom's cell so these are the few snap shot we took together.

If anyone wondering where's daddy then ... he was sitting beside us too. (All photos were taken by mommy)
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Playing with water at Vivo city (9 Aug 2009)

First time playing with water at vivo city. Its so fun.

And because of this, mommy bought a set of new clothes for me. haha ... so good right

Making friend on my own for the first time (9 Aug 2009)

Trying to make friend on my own for the first time. ^__^

Although we don't really talk but we enjoyed playing together for a short time. (We communicate in our own language mommy just that you don't understand)

Harbour Front (Singapore) 9 Aug 2009

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Top right hand photo: No one taught me wo ... I saw my mom doing it so I just follow. Very clever right? ^__^