Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dance - Doraemon Caramelldansen Song

If anyone wants to watch how Doraemon dances, please visits "YouTube"

At Richmond Centre (21 April 2010)

Having fun climbing up and down. (Cathay Airline build the airplane model for kids to play) Posted by Picasa

On Easter day (5 April 2010)

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Lansdowne Shopping Mall, Richmond
1st Photos: On the train with mommy (Paid C$3.00)
I don't seem to be enjoying right? Luckily mommy was with me so its not that scary.
2nd Photos: Outside Toys 'R' Us
Many kids were playing there too but I prefer to play on own.

In the car seat (5 April 2010)

Crying, laughing, smiling ...
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Wearing "Yi Yi"'s jacket (9 April 2010)

Nice right?
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eating Biscuit and listening to music @ home (14 May 2010)

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Drinking milk @ home in style - Morning (10 May 2010)

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Summerhill pyramid winery @ Kelowna - Banff Trip (4 May 2010)

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On the way back to Vancouver from Banff we drop by at this winery.

Lake Louise - Banff Trip (4 May 2010)

On the way back to Vancouver, we all went to Lake Louise to look at the frozen lake (Frozen during winter and early spring only). Its very windy and cold there. Very nice scenery.
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Banff Trip Photos - Snowing (3 May 2010)

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Banff Trip Photos (3 May 2010)

Scenery photos at Banff. Bottom left corner - McDonald @ Banff
Eating while walking

Enjoying at outdoor with mommy while grandma and aunty went into shops that sell fragile things.
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Big Moose - Banff Trip (3 May 2010)

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Big Big Burger - Banff Trip (2 May 2010)

Very big burger right?

Advertising own burger restaurant
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Big big bear - Banff Trip (2 May 2010)

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Banff Trip (May 2010)

3 days 2 night trip
First day
- woke up at 5 am
- left home at 6am
- drove all the way to banff from vancouver
- stopped for lunch and toilet break only
- reached banff at 7pm
Second day
- walked around banff downtown
- experienced sunny, windy, raining and snowing weather all on one day
- mommy and aunty took turn carrying me around most of the time
Third day
- left banff at 8am and drove to lake louise (1 hr drive)
- stopped for lunch
- drop by at summerhill pyramid winery @ Kelowna
- drove all the way back from Kelowna to Vancouver (5 hrs drive)
- drop by to buy dinner at Mission and fill up gas
- reached home around 10 pm
(I fall asleep around 9pm)
On first day and thrid day, I have to be seated in the car on my own child seat. I hate it as I can't move alot. I cried everytime when mommy put me back. She can't hug hug me. There's one part I do enjoy is I can eat alot alot of tibits because mommy don't want me to cry.

Canada Trip Photos (April 2010)

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

At Aberdeen shopping centre's water fountain (April 2010)

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At Grandparents home at Stilmond Road (April 2010)

See how happy I am. Very nice weather here
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At balcony (April 2010)

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At front yard (April 2010)

You see, I am so good at opening and closing the gate.

Very nice wear also right?
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Nice pose (April 2010)

Very nice pose right?
By the way the chair is already broken because I kept jumping on it. Mommy throw that away already.
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Pumpkin !!! (April 2010)

I look like a pumkin right. Grandma bought for me and is very comfortable and warm (something that I am very sure can't wear in Singapore - too hot)

Very cute right?
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Eating chips - very big pack!!! (April 2010)

Enjoying the chips. Very nice and I love it.
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