Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why are you so sad?

He is very sad because mommy doesn't want to give him the remote control to play with.

Smile (5th month) ^__^

Yummy !? (5th month)

Very delicious!!!??? Definitely very flexible right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stretch (5th month)

Eating my favourite SoyBar

He loves it alot. Soybar company can consider looking for my son for advertisement. Looking at him eat the soybar make it more tastier. ^__^

4 April 2009 (In a box)

Busy bee (4th month)

25 April 2009

Went out for dinner with Uncle Lai Hong, Auntie Samantha and Liah after birthday's party.
Best not to mention the restaurant name as we are not going there again.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Reading books (4th months)

Very hardworking right? Learning how to read books since 4 months old. ^__^

Sleeping in Sarong (4th month)

Only slept in sarong for 6 months or less than that due to the fact that I (mommy) doesn't know how to put baby into sarong or take out from sarong alone. I always need a second person to hold the sarong then I can put in or bring out the baby.

Although above photos look he is very comfortable and enjoying ... but as he gets older, he doesn't seem to enjoy it anymore. He tend to sleep in sarong for less than 30 mins so good reasons not to let him sleep there too right?

Just some thoughts

Baby now knows

1. When someone said "Hi! Five" - he will put up one of his hand and do the hi five action (By the way this action is taught by his uncle Tommy, long before 彥中 knows how to clab hand)

2. When someone said "clap hands", he will do the action too. Or when we said " good boy" or "clever" he will also clap his hands. Or when he feed himself or feed me (mommy) or his daddy he will also clab his hands.

3. Today he learnt to shake hands with me. Ofcourse after I said "shake hands", I have to do the action then he will then shake hand with me. (Quite fun teaching him new things)

As of now, he still not very interest in learning "bye bye" action. Quite alot of people tried to taught him this but as of now he still doesn't seem to know how to do it yet. Why?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

First Time Swimming (4th month)

First swimming (4 months old)

With my big cell phone (4th month)

This photos was taken while I was 4 months old.
Pooh bear clothes very cute also right?

Drinking water using straw (11 months)

Doesn't know how to suck yet so mommy helps me ^__^
Water seem to taste better too.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Follow up on 2 Apr 09 (Comb hair) (11 months)

Didn't actually capture the combing action (First 1 second can consider as combing).

Under the table (10 months)

He was crawling under the table to get what he wants (Remote control)


A busy weekend ... which just ... now Sunday night already.

1. He actually ate the book that I bought for him on Friday. (Hazel, it is the fingers puppet's book). He was eating like as if it is bread. Looks like the book is quite tasty. ^__^ Taken photos but is in my brother's camera ... have not upload. Will do that soon.

2. Baby 拉肚子. Why?I also don't know.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Comb hair

Today, he used my brush to comb his "hair" though very short now but still call hair right ^__^

Very cute. Tomorrow then I will upload the video and put it on the blog. Hopefully I really captured the action.