Sunday, August 22, 2010

Visit to Zoo with daddy and mommy (21 Aug 2010)

Nice photo shot right? Haha somemore she used her small handphone wo.

Daddy and mommy didn't bring the camera so she used her handphone's camera to take photos.

Eating breakfast with chopstick - first time learning how to use chopstick (19 Aug 2010)

Not that bad right? ^__^

If anyone of you are wondering what is the breakfast, ^__^ its scrambled egg.

Thanks Aunty Samantha for the chopstick. Its my favourite bear bear.

Wearing slipper (15 August 2010)

I can only use this slipper to walk for awhile only, but I just love to wear it. Whenever I insisted wearing it, mommy and daddy have to bring another pair of shoes for me to wear. Nice pose too right?
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First injury (13 Aug 2010)

Daddy told me not to run but I didn't listen. So, I fell down and injured myself. I cried and cried.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dinner on 12 Aug 2010

Fruit jelly - yummy yummy

Mommy cooked these dishes plus soup (not in the photo). My favourite is fried tofu and fried pork chop. Mommy spend the whole afternoon cooking these dishes. Yummy Yummy
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At HarbourFront's playground (17 July 2010)

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Playing with daddy at the playgrond. Mommy busy shooting photos for me.

At City Square Mall's playground (23 July 2010)

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Wearing Mommy's high heel (21 July 2010)

Orange cake (25 July 2010)

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eating home made bread with curry (2 Aug 2010)

Yummy Yummy.

Although mommy never put chilli powder in the curry, but I still find it spicy. I finished one and one half of home made with the curry though and I enjoyed it alot.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bread making (1 Aug 2010)

Its so fun playing with the dough but it made my hand "dirty" so I kept asking mommy and daddy to wash hands for me.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

厕所训练 - 成功了



Monday, June 14, 2010

骑脚踏车 Cycling (14 June 2010)

Opening and closing mineral water bottle (4 June 2010)

At Narita AIrport (4 June 2010)

Shower at Narita Airport (4 June 2010)

Mommy paid 500 Yen/30mins for shower as I kept saying "pong pong", and the waiting time for the flight to Singapore was quite long.
Its quite fun.

At Vancouver Airport (3 June 2010)

Photos & Video taken while waiting for flight from Vancouver to Tokyo.

Eating tibits on the flight (3 June 2010)


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dance - Doraemon Caramelldansen Song

If anyone wants to watch how Doraemon dances, please visits "YouTube"

At Richmond Centre (21 April 2010)

Having fun climbing up and down. (Cathay Airline build the airplane model for kids to play) Posted by Picasa

On Easter day (5 April 2010)

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Lansdowne Shopping Mall, Richmond
1st Photos: On the train with mommy (Paid C$3.00)
I don't seem to be enjoying right? Luckily mommy was with me so its not that scary.
2nd Photos: Outside Toys 'R' Us
Many kids were playing there too but I prefer to play on own.

In the car seat (5 April 2010)

Crying, laughing, smiling ...
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Wearing "Yi Yi"'s jacket (9 April 2010)

Nice right?
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Eating Biscuit and listening to music @ home (14 May 2010)

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Drinking milk @ home in style - Morning (10 May 2010)

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Summerhill pyramid winery @ Kelowna - Banff Trip (4 May 2010)

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On the way back to Vancouver from Banff we drop by at this winery.

Lake Louise - Banff Trip (4 May 2010)

On the way back to Vancouver, we all went to Lake Louise to look at the frozen lake (Frozen during winter and early spring only). Its very windy and cold there. Very nice scenery.
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Banff Trip Photos - Snowing (3 May 2010)

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