Sunday, May 24, 2009

I love giraffe too.

Aunty Susie gave it to me one. Although not my brithday, she still gave me toys. Aunty Susie next time when you sees me can you don't take that many photos. Hee ... I scared of you as I only sees "red" light and "flashes" wo. ^__^ (Photos taken on 16.5.2009)

Unable to name

This who can name it please let me know. I just find the pictures very nice esp his expression on 1st and 3rd photos. You all agree with me right?

Eating durian

I love durian too.
Hazel “姐姐”我们还能做朋友对吗?Its really very nice. You can give it a try.

Playing with little basket ball

Using keyboard

I am good at keyboard too. ^__^

Using mouse

^__^ I also know how to use mouse wo.