Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Christmas

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First Botanical Garden trip with Mommy alone (July 14 2009)

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First Ferrie Wheel Experience

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First day to school's photo - Bestcare Montessori childcare (1 Nov 2009)

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01.01.2010 Happy 2010

Wah ... Its already Year 2010.


So sad already 2010 ... ^__^ 1 year older for all of us.

But at the same time why do we need to feel sad about it ... doesn't matter how we feel, we are still aging.

Yes, finally I am blogging again, The main reason is because my darling husband is nagging at me to update the blog. The reason for him to nag at me is because he said his aunts want to look at baby's photo.

Anyway, now I am going to put up a few more old photos. New photos are not uploaded yet and some not even with us.

Yes, just a little update

25 Dec 2009: We visited the Singapore Zoo for the first time (3 of us, and 4th person Uncle LaiHong joined us after his church service)
We did not take many photos, and anyway those photos are with LaiHong as we used his camera

Can't rember which date, anyway is before christmas, YanZhong spoilt our camera.