Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just some thoughts

Baby now knows

1. When someone said "Hi! Five" - he will put up one of his hand and do the hi five action (By the way this action is taught by his uncle Tommy, long before 彥中 knows how to clab hand)

2. When someone said "clap hands", he will do the action too. Or when we said " good boy" or "clever" he will also clap his hands. Or when he feed himself or feed me (mommy) or his daddy he will also clab his hands.

3. Today he learnt to shake hands with me. Ofcourse after I said "shake hands", I have to do the action then he will then shake hand with me. (Quite fun teaching him new things)

As of now, he still not very interest in learning "bye bye" action. Quite alot of people tried to taught him this but as of now he still doesn't seem to know how to do it yet. Why?

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