Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Banff Trip (May 2010)

3 days 2 night trip
First day
- woke up at 5 am
- left home at 6am
- drove all the way to banff from vancouver
- stopped for lunch and toilet break only
- reached banff at 7pm
Second day
- walked around banff downtown
- experienced sunny, windy, raining and snowing weather all on one day
- mommy and aunty took turn carrying me around most of the time
Third day
- left banff at 8am and drove to lake louise (1 hr drive)
- stopped for lunch
- drop by at summerhill pyramid winery @ Kelowna
- drove all the way back from Kelowna to Vancouver (5 hrs drive)
- drop by to buy dinner at Mission and fill up gas
- reached home around 10 pm
(I fall asleep around 9pm)
On first day and thrid day, I have to be seated in the car on my own child seat. I hate it as I can't move alot. I cried everytime when mommy put me back. She can't hug hug me. There's one part I do enjoy is I can eat alot alot of tibits because mommy don't want me to cry.

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