Tuesday, July 14, 2009

15 July 2009

Mommy has been staying at home with YanZhong for 2 weeks

1. Stick to mommy like super glue (mommy can't even go to washroom peacefully).
2. Getting naughtier ("cry" to get attention or get what he wants).
3. Daddy is totally a stranger to him already. He doesn't even want to be touched by him. (shaking head)
4. Even when sleeping, he makes sure that I am around (How right? He will open his eyes every now and then to check I am nearby. If he didn't see me, he will start to cry)

Mommy can't wait to see how his grandmother (mommy's mom) going to take care of him. (hee .. we (include dadday, uncle tommy and aunty liting) believe he is going to be in big big trouble as my mom is not going to let him do or get what he wants) ^__^

In conclusion, mommy is easy to be bullied.

I just can't help it as can't stand him crying

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